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See below for descriptions of Focus Pocus, and our free parental reporting application FocusIn.

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Focus Pocus Features

  • 12 mini-games, plus Boss game
  • Training, Challenge, Multiplayer modes
  • Performance Tracking
  • Customisable Wizard Characters
  • Games powered by the brain!
  • Uses Neurosky Mindwave, MindWave Mobile, or Mindset
  • Software downloaded from website (No CD)
  • Local installation with server security
  • See hardware requirements below
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FocusIn Features

  • Daily reports on training performance
  • Drill-down for more details
  • Parent can reward child in-game
  • End of training report (after 25 sessions)
  • Follow-on exercise recommendations
  • Access Windows/Mac application here 
  • Access iOS app here 
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MindWave Headset

Focus Pocus requires a NeuroSky MindWave, MindWave Mobile, or MindSet device: it will not operate without one! These devices measure brain electrical activity (EEG) in a clean, simple and efficient way. There are no wires or messy gels – just place it on your head, attach the earlobe clip and you are ready. Other apps are included, ranging from fun to educational. These devices are lightweight, wireless, contains safe passive biosensors, has an 6-8 hour AAA battery life.

Technical overview:

- Portable EEG brainwave headset
- TGAM1 module, with TGAT1 ASIC
- Automatic wireless computer pairing
- Static headset ID

Further information can be found here

Hardware requirements for Focus Pocus

- Focus Pocus software is downloaded for free after registering a User Account. A Neurosky MindWave, MindWave Mobile, or MindSet device and activation Serial Numbers are required for the software to operate.

- Windows PC (Minimum Specification: 2.4GHz CPU - Pentium 4 or Equivalent; Microsoft Windows XP SP2/Vista/7; 1 GB RAM; 100 MB free HD space; 1024x768 screen resolution; Audio output; USB port)

- Mac OS (Intel Core™ Duo or faster processor, Mac OS X v10.6 or v10.7, 512MB of RAM (1GB recommended); 100 MB free HD space; 1024x768 screen resolution; Audio output; USB port)

- NeuroSky MindWave, MindWave Mobile, or MindSet device

- Reliable internet connection

- Email account